Team Building and Executive Coaching

Build a Team that Hits It ‘Out Of The Park’ – Every time!


One of my favorite jobs as a Faith-based, Certified Gallup CliftonStrengths© Coach is working with Teams.  I love witnessing the “Aha Moments” that happens when team members recognize how their individual strengths combine to create a symbiotic team effort.

The goal of a team building workshop is to help the members understand how their individual talents mesh together and how they can best be utilized to accomplish the goals of the team.  We begin with an introduction to strengths-based principles and how to interpret their individual “Signature Theme Reports”.

Next, we’ll dig into how different strengths to work together and complement each other.  For example, how do you balance the relationship between an Activator© whose specialty is to turn ideas into actions  and a Deliberative© who wants to take time to analyze and carefully process each decision?  Who is your Communicator in the group?  Which team members can best be tasked with Maximizing or perfecting the team’s output?

Once the team has learned how to direct and use their talents to achieve their performance objectives, the resulting process can be used over and over to produce a similar outcome.  The sky is the limit when teams are able to tap into and utilize the knowledge they’ll gain in one of my workshops!


A wide range of seminars that focus on team building is available:

  • Building a Strengths-based Culture
  • Team-Building Workshops
  • Full-Day Workshops
  • Half-Day Workshops
  • Customized Workshop

Let me help you put together the perfect workshop for your team!