Women of Faith

A group of young women bow their heads and pray with bibles.

Celebrating the Unique Beauty Inside Every Woman!

“I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made:  Wonderful are your works; my very self you know.” Psalm 139:14

There are so many challenges in our roles as women! It’s easy to get discouraged trying to juggle all the pieces and find the meaning in the chaos.

How much easier would it make your life if you better understood your own talents, and perhaps those of your husband, children, family and friends? Would it make you more understanding and more tolerant of yourself and others? Maybe help you find peace and contentment within the role that God has ordained for you?  Be a more supportive partner, mother or friend?

As a Faith-based Coach, it’s been my privilege to work with some amazing women, to help encourage, motivate, inspire and uplift them into an awareness of who they are in God’s eyes. I have been honored to speak to and work with women’s ministries, mom prayer groups and women’s organizations to help unlock all of the gifts God has given each of us as a steward to use. So, whether we work together one-on-one or you enlist me to speak to your group, I’d love to celebrate with you the amazing possibilities of being a woman!