Whether you’re currently in a job and feel a little stagnant, or you are thriving in your role, but need help moving your career to the next level, or perhaps you are looking for a way in which to help your team members work more effectively together, having the advice of a business coach is crucial. These valuable mentors will help you set achievable goals, challenge the way you think, and help you find different ways to grow and learn.

This is particularly true when working with a Gallup Certified CliftonStrengths® Coach. These trained professionals are dedicated to helping people maximize their potential, boost their performance, and realize their true calling in whatever area their passions lie.

If you’re unsure about whether or not working with a CliftonStrengths® Coach is right for you, here are some benefits to having one of these individuals on your side.

Understand Yourself Better

Everyone has their own set of strengths and weaknesses that both boost and hinder success in the workplace. A CliftonStrengths® Coach will help you understand what yours are and how to manage these qualities more effectively. After taking the online CliftonStrengths Assessment, your talent themes are ranked from 1 to 34. The beauty of seeing your 34 talent themes in ranked order will give you a great deal more information about you! Many who have taken this assessment (over 19 million) are aware of their top 5 talent themes. But, few know the true power behind knowing their full 34 in ranked order. By taking a closer look at the assessment results with a Gallup-Certified Coach will allow individuals, leaders, and teams how best to use their full potential and truly understand who they are, and just as important, understand who they are not. Your coach will help you identify aspects of your potential, your gifts. A CliftonStrengths® Coach will also be able to help you see where your talents might be holding you back, and where your blindspots may be. Together, you and your coach will devise a plan to overcome the challenges and emerge as a stronger leader.

Improve Leadership

What kind of leader are you? Working with a CliftonStrengths® Coach will teach you how to inspire your team and keep morale up, even when there are looming deadlines or bumps in the road. They enable business owners to lead strategically by playing to people’s strengths and giving struggling players the tools they need to get back on track. You will feel like a more confident leader as you coach your team to become the best version of themselves.

Help Teams Work Together

Personal Strengths Coaching helps improve team dynamics and optimizes employee performance by showing team members how to not only see their own talents in action, but also recognize and spot each other’s talents and strengths — to consciously play to each other’s strengths. This allows people to shine in their own way while working hard to achieve organizational goals. I will discuss Strengths-Based Leadership®, team building, as well as the amazing tool “Cascade” by www.releasingstrengths.com in my next blog post! So, stay tuned!

Think Creatively

If you’ve been in your position for a long time, it’s common to fall into a rut and follow the same protocol for each task. This is an easy way to become stagnant and grow to almost resent a position or role you once loved. A Strengths Coach can help inspire you to think about projects or opportunities in a different way, which can help you look at your business, organization or career through a new set of lenses.

Find Your True Calling

Unsure of where your career path is leading or looking to change roles? If you’re unsure of the first step to take, a Strengths Coach can help. They’ll help you identify your strengths and what you naturally do best, uncover which talents will help you build relationships, and discover what roles or opportunities are best-suited to your abilities and interests.

Working with a CliftonStrengths® Coach makes it easy to discover strengths and how to use them in everything that you do. This helps you not only become a better leader but improves your self-confidence and leads to happiness and success in any endeavor.

Kathie Gautille is a global, faith-based coach who works with executives and teams in the nonprofit, corporate and faith-based sectors. She is an expert at helping leaders discover their passion and purpose. She has held many leadership roles that have given her a depth of knowledge and experience to develop best practices in coaching organizational teams.

Kathie is a Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach, she is also Certified to Lead the CliftonStrengths Discovery Course. You can reach Kathie at:

[email protected]