Welcome to Kathie Gautille
Strengths Coaching

Helping Teams & Individuals Lead with Strengths

Who I am What I do

Welcome to Kathie Gautille
Strengths Coaching

Helping Teams & Individuals Lead with Strengths

Who I am What I do

Hello and welcome

Have you ever noticed that some projects excite you and you’re almost disappointed when they’re finished, while you can only complete other projects by forcing yourself to “slog” through it? Have you wondered why? The answer lies in your innate strengths and talents!

As a Faith-based, Gallup Certified CliftonStrengths® Coach, helping you find and understand your personal strengths and talents can empower you to overcome the obstacles that are standing in the way of your ultimate success and happiness in all areas of life: spiritual, personal and professional.

Using a dynamic method and the CliftonStrengths® principles, along with one-to-one coaching has helped hundreds of individuals achieve their goals and stronger self-awareness.

I’ve also helped build highly productive teams, who understand how their individual talents, work together to realize uncommon results!

I am Kathie Gautille, Faith-based Strengths Coach and Team Builder – and I would love the opportunity to help you discover your strengths!

Coaching philosophy

Kathie GautilleWhat does it mean to be a faith-based coach? We begin with the belief that we all are stewards of what God has given us — our talents and strengths.

We don’t overtly express our faith and beliefs while coaching, but rather demonstrate it with the care, focus, attention and compassion shown to the client. Understanding that the world view of ourselves, should not be solely based on what we accomplish or goals reached, but rather that our self image is based on the value of life, because we have been created in the image of God.

Professional Coaching for Church Leaders & Faith Communities

What would your church look like if each of your members went from being a “Pew Sitters” to Highly Engaged? Did you notice I didn’t say highly involved, but rather highly engaged? Involvement is what you do. Engagement is about how you feel about your church.  Visit Faith-Based Coaching page here.

Team Building & Executive Coaching

The goal of a team building workshop is to help the members understand how their individual talents mesh together and how they can best be utilized to accomplish the goals of the team. 

As a contributing member to a team, you need to know the value you bring to a team as well as the value your teammates bring. Visit Team Building and Executive Coaching page here.

People in Transition Career Coaching…

I am passionate about helping people in transition focus on those career paths that will be most rewarding to them and in which they can achieve the most success.

My Coaching includes:

  • Resumes
  • Career Aptitude Assessment
  • LinkedIn Profile
  • Interviewing
  • Networking
  • Talents & Strengths

For college graduates and young professionals looking for specific guidance in a career, I use a career aptitude assessment. This aptitude test can also be helpful in guiding high school and college students, but it is also a fantastic tool for an professional wanting to explore career options. The assessment helps cut through social noise and gender biases to create more equity and access – matching individuals to their best-fit careers based on the the information gleaned from the aptitude assessment, giving them the confidence and data to make informed decisions about their futures. Visit People in Transition, Career Coaching here.

Schedule a Discovery Call

Finding the right coach can be difficult.  One of the best ways is for us to visit for thirty minutes.  I have a limited number of weekly Discovery Calls.  During the thirty minute visit, we will spend time getting to know each other to see if we are a good fit.  Start by scheduling a discovery call right now.