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6 Tips to Improve Your Public Speaking Skills

College is an opportunity to try new activities and have experiences we might not otherwise have discovered. In college, I was on the college speech team. I loved competing in the myriad of categories and events we would be required to participate in at a college competition. What I never realized then was just how […]

The Importance of Having a CliftonStrengths® Coach

Whether you’re currently in a job and feel a little stagnant, or you are thriving in your role, but need help moving your career to the next level, or perhaps you are looking for a way in which to help your team members work more effectively together, having the advice of a business coach is […]

Becoming More Confident at Networking

Becoming More Confident at Networking No matter your industry, networking is crucial. It’s how professionals meet other like-minded individuals, identify new collaborations, enable career advancement, and make important business connections. In fact, 85% of all jobs are filled by some type of networking. Does the thought of wearing a name tag and schmoozing with others […]


How to Demonstrate Your Personal Value at Work

Having a decent level of self-esteem is tied to your work. In America especially, we feel more valued if we are employed or doing something productive with our lives. Polls show that a higher percentage (16.6%) of unemployed individuals are depressed than employed individuals (5.6%). Essentially, our self-identity is tied up in what we do for a […]


Four Tips for Women Making a Job Change

Sometimes, even when you love your job, the time might come when it’s time for a change. There are lots of reasons to pursue a job change: Maybe you feel under-appreciated by customers or upper management. Maybe you need more flexibility to take care of children or elderly parents. Maybe you’ve hit the glass ceiling […]

How CliftonStrengths® Coaching is Like Making a Texas Sheet Cake!

You’ve taken the CliftonStrengths® Assessment and you know your top 5 strengths (talent themes). You’ve even printed out the specific descriptions of those themes, as well as the Strengths Insight Report. Now what? Why do you need a Clifton StrengthsFinder® Coach? While the CliftonStrengths® begins with talent theme identification, each strength (talent theme) lends itself […]