A lot of people confuse low self-esteem with humility. These aren’t the same thing. Sometimes we need a reminder of our ability to achieve inner strength and higher self-esteem. And humility is a part of that process. It takes a humble person to reach out and grasp for a helping hand. And a life coach is the helping hand. Today I’m going to talk about what a strengths coach can do for you. So, are you humbly looking for a way to improve your life and outlook? Let’s see what it means to achieve inner strength through strengths or life coaching.

What Is A Strengths or Life Coach?

A strengths or life coach is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a professional who coaches you in helping you reaching your goals or changing your life. Coaches help you get out of your own head and gain perspective on your life. Perspective helps you evaluate and take action. If we didn’t have mirrors would we ever change our appearance? Yes. We would rely on other people to tell us what we look like. Your life is basically a life without mirrors. We look at the world through a set of lenses that can distort reality. If we didn’t have other people to help us set the record straight, we might not change our lives, ever. A coach is essentially a mirror. They help you understand areas of your life that need improvement and help you achieve that improvement. We motivate, strategize, and become a personal accountability partner in your life.

But I Don’t Know What To Change

Don’t know what you need to change, but feel you need a change? Perfect! A strengths or life coach can help. Coaches are trained to help you understand your dreams and aspirations. Even if you feel you have no goals in life, we’ll help you find them. Sometimes, we just need someone to connect the dots for us. A whopping 92% of people who set a New Year’s resolution never achieves it. And while this number may not apply to all goals across the board, people do need to break this cycle of goal setting and goal failing. A coach will always help set realistic and achievable goals for your life. That’s one of the reasons people don’t accomplish their goals in life. Their goals are unrealistic or too challenging. A coach will help you breakdown the ultimate goal into bite size pieces. A coach will also encourage you to frequently revisit your goals so you can consider life changes that have occurred. A coach can show you how to set incremental goals that are achievable. This allows you to reach your ultimate goal without being too overwhelmed. And a coach understands that life changes. Priorities will change, circumstances will change. They can take your goals and adapt them to each instance in your life. And sometimes what you really needed was assurance that you can. A lot of people are afraid of what success might look like in their lives. And yes, fear of success is a real thing. And it holds a lot of us back. Achieving your goals will change your life. And sometimes change is hard. And that’s where inner strength comes in.

What Is Inner Strength?

Resilience in the face of fear and stress. This is a great definition of inner strength. It’s the ability to handle what life tosses our way. And it’s an essential characteristic of success. A sense of fear is natural. It’s our inbuilt response. It notifies us of danger in the world and helps us avoid it. But our sense of fear can be wrong. Fight or flight kicks in at the most inopportune times. It’s why public speaking is the most common fear in America. No one has it out for you when you get up to speak in front of a classroom. But your brain tells you this is true and sends you into a state of flop-sweats. As public speakers, we build inner strength by developing appropriate coping methods for this response. We set routines before going up on stage. Some people do exercises to decrease nervous energy. Some use specific repeated sayings. Others might meditate.

Inner Strength Involves Self-Knowledge

Like I mentioned previously, a coach is like a mirror. We help you understand yourself. This is a big part of inner strength. You must be secure in who you are. The more secure you are in your own skin, the less the outside world will affect you. This requires really understanding your strengths and abilities. This requires self-awareness.

Your Definition Matters

What inner strength looks like depends on the individual. If you struggle with aggression and anger, it might look like control. It might look like taking a step back each time you feel anger and evaluating why you feel anger. Anger is a secondary emotion. The primary emotion is alway underlying this. A coach can help you set routines and goals for when you get angry. These routines and goals will give you the time to choose your actions and control your behavior.

Inner Strength Keys Into Your Natural Strengths

And a coach will help you key into these strengths. We are born with specific capabilities. And the skills we learn along the way enhance these abilities. A coach can help you identify these abilities and help you set goals accordingly. Sometimes we set goals on our own and don’t realize they are outside our current abilities. Of course, we should always strive to increase our ability, but using what we already have is essential in this process. If you focus on the negative, you will never achieve. Instead, a coach will help you focus on the positive aspects of your abilities.

Mental And Physical Strength

I’m not talking bodybuilding here (unless your goal is to build muscle). I’m talking about the connection between the mental and physical. A coach will show you how your physical habits determine your mental strength. If you aren’t getting enough sleep, your mental strength will wane. If a coach identifies this as a weakness in your life, they might help you set goals to get more rest.

A Coach Will Change Your Life

If you’re looking to make your life better and achieve success, consider a coach. Choosing to reach out for help in your life is humble and praise-worthy. If you’re looking for a coach to help you become the best version of you, get in contact and change the course of your life today.